We have been receiving great feedback about our online lessons on Zoom! We are keen to make sure that all our students are continuing to make progress despite this difficult period! It is so reassuring to know that our students feel like they are able to structure their work from home and use their time productively.  We are extremely pleased to be supporting parents and students during the lock down!

“As my son is staying at home during lock down, he is doing online classes with Ruby teacher for science. These classes have been a huge help because all the topics are covered. He has a very dedicated teacher. I highly recommend Ruby teacher”- Mrs Suganya Sivappriyan – Parent of a Year 10 science student”

“As a working parent, one thing that concerned me gravely was my children’s progress during lock down. Ruby’s home learning took that worry away! Ruby wasted no time in starting online learning to minimise the loss of learning. My children have separate timetables, weekly online learning sessions, home work with marking schemes and feedback given to them time to time to help them improve. During this pandemic, I am glad that my children have had the secure routine and ongoing learning” – Ketti Panesar – Parent of a Year5 (11+) and Year 9 students

“The online sessions are extremely helpful and convenient. It helped me to develop my chemistry and maths skills in a comfortable environment. The quality of online learning in these sessions is great and maintained well 👍. I would highly recommend Ruby’s Tuition.” Fathima – A level maths and chemistry student

“It has been really useful that Ruby has started to do virtual tuition session. It has brought back structure to the kids’ home learning, without this, the kids’ effort over the past year would have been lost. Very grateful that Ruby could get the sessions up and running so fast.”- Samia Kamran, Year2 & Year 5 ( 11+) students’ mum

” Hi Ruby, just to say today’s session was very good and there was a lot of interaction between the tutor and students” – Mr Islam – year 4 student’s dad

“I would like to thank Ruby and the team for finding the best way to teach both my sons through online during this horrible event. My children are up to date with their studies. I would highly recommend Ruby’s tuition.”- Dinushi Ranasingha – Parent of Year 3 and Year 5 ( 11+) students

“Thanks to Miss Ruby for helping my child through online teaching during this unexpected situation. It was a good start for learning from home.” – Mrs Murugananthan, Year2 student’s mum


We would like to congratulate our students, their hard work has paid off! We wish them all the success in their higher studies and whatever their future holds for them!

It has been a pleasure to witness the progress that our students have made in all three core subjects this year. With the new GCSE curriculum in place, students had to work extra hard in order to cover more content and practise new exam question styles. Despite this challenge, the students and tutors at Ruby’s Tuition have worked incredibly hard to prepare for these examinations.

Maths (Higher tier students): 100% 9-5 (A*-C)
Over 75% 9-6 (A*-B)

English Language/Literature:

With the exception of one student, who due to extenuating circumstances couldn’t perform their best, all of our students achieved 9-4 (A*-C)

Triple Science: 100% 9-6 (A*-B)

Double Science: 100% 9-5 (A*-C)
ALL of our double science students improved by at least 2 grades since they started with us!

Despite all of these statistics, our greatest achievement this year has been encouraging and boosting the confidence of our students. We have witnessed students go from absolutely detesting maths, to choosing it as an A level subject – which is a greater success to us than any percentage or statistic!