As you begin your final preparations for the 11 plus exam Ruby has provided you with some final tips and information that will help you to perform your best!

How to Answer the Test:

  • You will complete your answer on a separate Answer Answers will not be marked from the Question Booklet.
  • You must mark your answer with a single line across the appropriate box. A circle, tick or cross will not be recognised by the computer. The computer will only be able to scan an answer marked with a single line.
  • Ensure you check the question number before marking your answer.
  • You should only mark one answer for each question.
  • Always use a HB Pencil to answer the questions and rub out any errors. Do not cross them out.
  • Candidates should attempt to answer as many questions in the time that they have. If you get stuck on a question, please move on and return to this at the end, if time permits.
  • If there is time left at the end of the section, then read over your responses and answer any questions missed.
  • For questions like those in Maths, you will need to mark your answer as well as write the number.
  • When answering mathematical questions ensure you answer in tens and units. For example, if your answer is the number 4, you will need to write ‘04’ in the top box and mark ‘0’ & ‘4’ in the box underneath.

We wish you the very best of luck!