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GCSE maths, GCSE Statistics & Additional maths

As the GCSE maths exam is a culmination of all the topics learnt since year 7, exam practice is a priority here, especially time management. Ruby introduces the A-A* topics and often complete exam papers from several exam papers from several exam boards to expose them to different styles.

A-Level Maths

Maths is very much a practise based subject, which requires daily attention. Ruby ensures each student is aware of not only the technique in which each question must be answered, but also provides various different methods so that the student can pick their preference. Every piece of homework, past paper and practice paper is marked and reviewed so the student is aware of their errors and shown how to avoid it.

A- Level Chemistry

Attention to detail is vital in this subject, and Ruby hones in on this, ensuring each student is aware of the precise definitions and points the mark scheme is looking for. Topic papers and past papers from several examination boards are hand selected to make sure the student has faced a range of different question types.

GCSE Science

Get the results you deserve with this quality service. Ruby ensures each unit in the specification is taught in detail, often working ahead or in time with the school. Practice questions and exam papers are completed consistently to ensure the child develops the skills needed to answer recall questions, application based questions and calculation questions.

KS3 Science

The very foundations of your child’s science knowledge must be solidified if your child plans to pursue science at a higher level. Ruby solidifies the student’s knowledge of the basics with simple and easy techniques that break down challenging concepts. These skills are often transferable to GCSE and A Level.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are supporting our students using google class room and teaching them through the online platform Zoom.

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