Primary Classes – Maths & English

Our primary programme includes Maths and English, beginning from Reception to Year 6, which completely mirrors the national curriculum and prepares your child towards achieving their full potential during termly tests, 7+, 11+ and SATS exams.

During the initial process of enrolling, your child will be assessed, and this is used as a baseline mark to indicate where we should begin. This will highlight any strengths and weaknesses so we can create an individualised programme. It allows us to work in a time efficient manner that prevents your child from learning concepts that they are already familiar with from scratch. New tasks and concepts are tackled each week during the lesson, where they are taught in a simple yet in-depth manner.

With the exception of 11+, students are expected to spend 1 hour per subject on a weekly basis at the centre and homework is set on a weekly basis so the student can solidify the new skills learnt, which is then marked, and any corrections are reviewed during the following lesson.


KS1 ( Reception to year 2)

During this period, we will work towards establishing a strong foundation in both Maths and English, we will work towards the SATS exams as well as the 7+ exams for those interested.


We use various approaches to develop phonic knowledge and skills so students can decode words and read polysyllabic words accurately. As part of this process, we prepare students for the year 1 phonic assessment. During this phase, we also develop comprehension skills through completing pre comprehension exercises such as sequencing of events, linking meanings to vocabulary and learning to answer questions in full sentences. We start with cloze exercises then slowly increase the complexity of the text to challenge them. By doing this, students will be equipped to sit for the 7+ and/or SATS exams.

As part of developing writing skills, we focus on enhancing their spelling, vocabulary, and grammatical skills. Our students are given handwriting sheets and spellings which are tested on a weekly basis. We help them apply their grammatical knowledge within the writing task.

As mentioned earlier, all class work and homework tasks are marked and reviewed with the child so they can learn from their mistakes.


Our students will be taught to count, forwards, backwards and in steps of 2,3 and 5 as well as read and write numbers. When they progress, we enhance their number bonding skills and teach them about inverse relationships, which enables them to solve word problems. In addition to number bonding skills, we cover fractions, shapes, time, money and will teach them to apply this knowledge to build their reasoning skills.


KS2 ( Year 3 to Year 6)


We work towards improving the student’s comprehension skills using a wide range of texts such as stories, plays, poetry and non-fiction texts. In addition to building their comprehension skills, we help them develop a more sophisticated vocabulary range and improve their SPAG skills. Students will be given age appropriate spelling lists in the form of handwriting sheets and are tested on a weekly basis. Our students are taught to use various language devices and punctuation marks and encouraged to apply these techniques in their weekly writing tasks. All class work and home work tasks are marked and reviewed with the student so that they can improve their writing based on the feedback.


We expand on KS1 knowledge, with added focus on learning all timetables, long multiplication and division, decimals, percentages, basic algebra, geometry, HCF & LCM and statistics.

The students who are not ready or not willing to do 11+, will follow the national curriculum objectives, which includes learning place values up to million which enables them to compare and solve problems, Roman numerals, introduction to negative numbers, angles measurement, ratios and proportion and Algebra during year 5 & 6 so that they exceed their expectations when they are sitting their SATS exams.

The students who are interested in the 11+ exams, will be taught through an accelerated programme. More information about our 11+ preparation can be found on the 11+ page.

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