The 11plus – Making the Right Decision for Your Child

As the 11+ looms over us, parents all over the country begin thinking about the exams.

What school should we apply to?

When should my child start working?

What tutor should I go for?

Does my child need more than one tutor?

We’ve put together a list of things to think about before the exams and answer your
questions to help you make an informed decision.

Step 1: Find Out What Exam Your Child Will Need to Sit

There are different types of 11+ exams and you should ensure that your child studies
accordingly. Have a look at the schools in your area and find out what exams are required.
For example, Grammar schools in Redbridge and Chelmsford Country High School for Girls
use the CEM 11+ exams. These exams were recently established and are based on the
National Curriculum meaning that the exams will not only help with getting into a grammar
school, but also aid your child with their current academic studies. Two separate tests, one
in English and one in Mathematics used by schools in the Chelmsford area.

Step 2: The Time to Start Working

The 11+ is an intellectually stimulating yet challenging exam which means that your child
will need to begin working well in advance of the exam dates. Starting to study the summer
before the 11+ exams will not be helpful as it will put extra pressure on your child to do well
in a small amount of time. 11+ students at Ruby’s Tuition begin studying for the exams at
the beginning of Year 4. This allows plenty of time for students to get used to the style of
assessment and understand what is required of them.

Step 3: Choosing a Tutor

At Ruby’s Tuition, our specially tailored 11+ tutoring helps students with all topics covered
in the exams (Maths, English, Non-verbal and verbal reasoning) with top of the range
innovative resources as well as setting regular amounts of HW. Our tutors work in small
groups with no more than six students per session, meaning that your child will always
receive the attention they need. As well as this, the students’ work is marked regularly with
constructive feedback; our tutors go through work that students don’t understand and
explain all topics thoroughly.

 Step 4: Help Your Child Progress

The 11+ isn’t just about exam practice; it’s about developing skills in English and Maths, meaning that you’ve got to go the extra mile. For example, you should encourage your child to read more often, especially Victorian fiction, such as the works of Charles Dickens, which will help them with the comprehension tasks in the paper. Also, you could play scrabble or produces word searches to help your child memorise their vocabulary. For Maths, completing all questions under timed conditions is a key part of being successful in the exam, so turn their revision into a game, testing them to see how fast they can solve all questions correctly.

Step 5: Going for One or More Tutors

Some parents tend to think that sending their child to various tuition centres will help them with their studies. However, this adds extra pressure on the student to complete extensive amounts of homework and they often find it difficult to get used to the different teaching methods. The successful students at Ruby’s Tuition have come to our centre and our centre only, meaning that they were easily able to adapt as they followed our tailored tuition helping them progress easily.

We hope this has been helpful in making your decision, and if you still can’t decide, here are some testimonials from parents of previous successful candidates who came to Ruby’s Tuition

“Aran could not have passed the 11+ without the support of Ruby and her tutors. The wide range of exam techniques, practice questions and continuous feedback prepared him for every possible scenario in the exam.” – Suhanya (Aran’s Mum)

“Without Ruby and her tutors’ effort, Harmisha could not have passed the 11+. I appreciate the feedback given after every lesson regarding her progress and improvement. Thank you!” – Thamayanthy (Harmisha’s Mum)