A Level Maths

A Level Maths

“Ruby has always been pro-active in the way she teaches, she pushed me to complete papers outside of my exam board so that I am aware of various different exam styles, and how to answer them. Her support has built my confidence in the subject, which I am grateful for.”

Thomas – Former A Level Maths Student


I received a lot of dedicated help and support at Ruby’s Tuition during my GCSE’s leaving me with top grades in Maths and English!
Since that day I learned that this is the perfect tuition for me and with a highly-skilled tutor as Ruby, I was confident to study Maths at A-level.
Ruby’s unique teaching style may not seem easy at first and it is definitely not laid-back as school, therefore it requires a lot of work and effort from the student, which personally for me pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided me with the knowledge and ability to face the most difficult questions in my exams!

Vytene – former GCSE maths & English and A level maths student


“My Mum has taught me science since the beginning of Year 9, and I could not have achieved 3A*s in science without her support. The constant homework and classwork that was completed on a weekly basis meant that as exam season approached, I wasn’t in the unfortunate position of learning two years worth of content in a few weeks like many of my peers were. My Mum’s regular topic tests often identified my weak spots and we would work on that until I was confident I could answer any question related to  said topic. This consistent identification and elimination of weaknesses is what ultimately allowed me to achieve my grades. My Mum also taught me Additional Maths and Statistics. As I didn’t really understand what was taught at school, everything I did know was a result of what she had taught me. We completed a lot of exam papers, especially for Additional Maths as a lot of working out is required to gain maximum marks – having known that examiners were looking for this is what enabled me to reach A, which I wouldn’t have known without my Mum.”

Sankavee Karunakaran