A level Chemistry

A level Chemistry

“Ruby tutored me for both AS and A2 Chemistry and I achieved A grades in both. The lessons were planned ahead according to topics I didn’t understand. The resources were quite different in the sense that it allowed me to test what I have learnt on a regular basis and consolidate my knowledge. Topics were discussed during the lesson and homework was given, which Ruby will collect during the week and review it
with me the following lesson; everything was done in a very time-efficient manner!
Thanks to Ruby for helping me throughout my transition into Dentistry”

Brasanya – Former Chemistry Student, 4th year Dentistry student


“Having done A level chemistry with Ruby, I was able to not only to improve my grades in the exam but also boost my confidence. She made hard concepts easier to understand and went through every topic in great depths. As well as that, she gave me support and guided me throughout yr 13 during my process of applying to study medicine and with all this help, I managed to get in! I would definitely recommend her!”

Maathusha, former Alevel chemistry student & current 3rd year medical student


“Being coached by Ruby has helped me unlock my potential in Science and
allowed me to achieve the grades I want. This could not have been
possible without her guidance. I achieved A*s in all three sciences.”

Rithik – former GCSE Science Student & current AS chemistry student


“I could not have achieved my A in AS chemistry A in A Level chemistry without Ruby. Her support and constant guidance has allowed me to excel in chemistry and she is very dedicated to ensuring her students do the best they can! Her support has helped me achieve my goal of studying dentistry! . I also like the fact that Ruby often teaches ahead of the curriculum as it makes me more confident and allows me to consolidate my knowledge. Ruby also provides support outside of the subject, for example, she has helped me with my personal statement and gave me advice on my application which I appreciate a lot.”

Arunthiya, former Alevel chemistry student