GCSE Science

GCSE Science

“At the beginning of year 10 I was struggling in all three sciences and I was getting level 3’s and 4’s. I really needed help. I started to go to Ruby and gradually, my understanding of each science grew and I achieved 6, 7 and 9 in my GCSE. ”

Lathusana – Current GCSE Science Student


“Being coached by Ruby has helped me unlock my potential in Science and
allowed me to achieve the grades I want. This could not have been
possible without her guidance. I achieved A*s in all three sciences.”

Rithik – former GCSE Science Student & current AS chemistry student


“Ruby tutored my daughter, Ashika in both Science and Maths. Ashika joined Ruby at the end of Year 8 and since that time her grades improved consistently in all Science subjects and Maths.
Triple Science: Ruby’s tutoring gave Ashika an in depth understanding of the content as well as focused preparation for exams and exam techniques. She achieved grade 8 and 2 grade 7’s in Triple Science in her GCSE’s this year.
Maths: With Ruby’s help Ashika was able to move up a set in school and with focused exam practice she achieved a Level 8 in her GCSE’s!
I would recommend Ruby to anyone who requires additional tutoring in these subjects.”

Kavitha Joy, former GCSE maths and science students’ parent